6 Dependable Spring Flowering Trees For Your Yard!

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There is nothing more exciting to reveal that spring is on its way than to see these early to mid season trees in flower. Based on dependability, color, and blooming time, we have chosen 6 of the most beautiful spring flowering trees for sunny to partially shaded areas of your yard.

Here are 6 of the most dependable spring flowering trees for your yard.

  • Cherry Blossom Trees - The Okame and Yoshino are the first cherry blossom as well as flowering trees to bloom in early spring.
  • Japanese Red Maple - Spring blooming followed by beautifully intense red foliage for the growing season.
  • Pink Dogwood - Mid spring (April) is when you will see the Pink Dogwood Tree go into action producing lovely soft pink large petal flowers.
  • Sweetbay Magnolia - Mid to late spring (April to May), this old fashioned beauty will be home to probably the most fragrant of all blossoms. 
  • Kousa Dogwood - Late spring (May) is when this dogwood tree puts on an amazing show with white flowers against the darker green foliage.
  • Tulip Poplar - In late spring (May) the Tulip Poplar will open its large yellow/peachy tulip shape flowers. 


Adding different seasons of flowering to your yard makes it more interesting and enjoyable. Strategically place flowering trees and shrubs for the best viewing throughout the growing season. Be sure to read our post on 9 Flowering Shrubs to Plant for Years of Beauty!

6 dependable spring flowering trees for your yard