How to Control Erosion After Severe Weather to Help Prevent Landslides and Mudslides

One of the most common problems after hurricanes, severe storms and wildfire is soil erosion. 

Grass, trees, shrubs and perennials are often damaged and even uprooted leaving the top soil exposed and it ends up washing away. 

Ways to control erosion and help prevent landslides and mudslides:

  • Weed netting or weed barrier
  • Mulch with straw 
  • Terrace hillsides or banks with logs, fallen trees, straw bales, large stones or other barriers
  • Wattles
  • Silt fences
  • Berms
  • Plant fast growing evergreen ground cover plants and cover with a light layer of straw
  • Reseed with grass blends that will grow within that season
  • Planting ornamental grass clumps

Attacking erosion as quickly as possible will help reduce the damage. Once the erosion is under control, the homeowners can begin planting back trees, shrubs and perennials.