Patio Orchard in Containers

All images are for reference only and may not represent the sizes of plants shipped.


Grow your own patio orchard in containers with these plants. The fig trees will need to be moved indoors in late summer/early fall until warm weather arrives again. The other varieties are safe to remain outdoors. In zones 6 and colder, wrap the containers to protect the roots against winter damage.

Fignonmenal, GE Neri Italian and Beer's Black Dwarf Fig Trees are easily planted in containers and grown indoors. Move outside during warm summer weather and back inside before frost. Growing indoors, figs can flower and produce fruit throughout the year.

Passion Fruit Possum Purple is a vine that can be planted in a large container and grown outdoors during summer and moved back inside as temperatures drop in late summer/early fall.

Plant the Caroline Raspberry in a large deep container (20 to 24 inches deep) for patio or garden setting. Grow in a container in full to mostly sunny areas. The Caroline flowers and fruits on the primocanes for early fall harvests. Light pruning will help to keep the canes erect for your container without requiring a trellis. After harvest or late winter, remove the used canes.

The Sunshine Blue Blueberry Bush is a dwarf, compact growing blueberry plant that is perfect for container growing in full sun to partially sunny patio and deck spaces. Plant several for freezing and making jellies.

Strawberry plants perform wonderfully in containers. While our bareroot varieties are only available in spring and late fall, we do generally have inventory of the Sweet Charlie and Chandler Strawberry Plugs the rest of the year, especially in September/October when our new plug crops are ready for shipping.

Please check these individual plant pages for more information.


Plants ship as follows:

Figs and Caroline Raspberry - 3.5 inch pots - Does not ship to California, Alaska, Arizona

Sunshine Blueberry - trade gallon pot - Does not ship to AZ, CA, GA, OR, WA, or MI.

Strawberries - 2.5 inch pots

Passion Fruit - 3.5 inch pot - Does not ship to CA


  • Category: Fruit Plants
  • Plant Type: Deciduous
  • Light Requirement: Full Sun, Partial
  • Soil Condition: Well Drained
  • Mature Height: 3 - 4ft
  • Growth Rate: Medium-growing
  • Planting Zone: 6, 7, 8, 9
Quantity1 - 56 - Unlimited