Climbing Hydrangea

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Climbing Hydrangea Vines

The climbing hydrangea climbs up to 30 to 40 feet high. The Petiolaris anomala Hydrangea is a beautiful vigorous woody climbing vine like plant. Hydrangea vines can be planted to climb trees, arbors, trellises, masonry walls, rocks and fences. Also, perfect as a garden ground cover, the climbing Hydrangea produces masses of off white flowers in early summer. A great flowering shrub vine.

Adaptable to any light, you can plant the climbing hydrangea in full sun, partial sun to light shade, although it performs best in areas with morning sun and afternoon shade. May require additional anchors to secure plant to structure. The gnarly cinnamon bark of the Petiolaris Hydrangea is interesting in the winter garden. 

This plant takes a couple of years to establish and begin strong growth. Does not do well in desert areas. Native to Japan.


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