Red Weigela florida

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Weigela Red Flowering Shrubs - 

For a fast growing shrub privacy hedge, plant Weigela florida Flowering Shrubs also known as Old Fashioned Weigela. An upright growing Weigela, the Red Old Fashioned Weigela is striking with dark green foliage even before it bursts out with beautiful funnel shaped red flowers. Plant this long flowering shrub in your garden for long season colors.

Prune your red weigela shrubs immediately after its blooming is complete for shaping and to encourage new growth for even more bloom power next summer. As profiled on

For a beautiful flowering hedge, space your Old Fashioned Weigela, Weigela florida, 5 feet apart.


Weigela florida Flowering Shrubs ship as 1 to 2 foot tall bare root plants - 1 order contains 5 plants. 

Plants shipping to CA and AZ addresses will be bare rooted before being prepped for shipping.


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