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Softer grass-like foliage is what I adore about the Royal Purple Liriope or Lilyturf.

The blades are soft and pliable which is opposite of most muscari plants. With summer, arrives dark purple blooms on tall spikes that form into tiny black berries to feed winter wildlife.

The Royal Purple Liriope grows taller than the Big Blue Liriope maturing in the 12 to 16 inch height range.

Excellent for lawn edging or defining garden planting areas for partly shaded areas. Companion plants for this Lilyturf are shasta daisies, hostas, coneflowers, veronicas and achillea.

For the first year planted, water your Royal Purple muscari Liriope plants on a weekly basis and more frequently in extreme heat. Cut the foliage in late winter to early spring before new foliage appears.

Space the larger growing Royal Purple approximately 12 to 14 inches apart for continual edging.


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