Deer-A-Tak Deer Repellent Program

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Safe Organic Way to Control Deer Damaging Garden and Landscape Plants

Deer-A-Tak Deer Control is our first choice for an organic deer repellent. Made from natural ingredients, our deer repellant is safe to use on fruits, vegetables and all landscape garden plants. This is a safe deer repellent to use around children and pets.  

Now an organic repellent to discourage deer, elk, and rabbits from feeding on vegetable gardens and ornamental landscapes that offers up to 60 to 90 days of coverage. 

This 2 Step System is effective in encouraging deer to move onto other areas for food sources without harm.

Step 1   Deer-A-Tak  – 1 Bottle makes 64 ounces of repellent spray
Step 2   Plant Saver 50 Mycortabs – 'plant' one tablet approximately 2 inches below the soil at the base of plants you want deer to leave alone. Allow 2 weeks for plants to absorb the product.

Purchase the COMBO to get started with repelling deer in your yard!

Contains both odor and taste repellents. Natural essential oils mimic undesirable herbs, while producing a pleasant smell for most people applying Deer-A-Tak.
This product can safely be used around food crops, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, ornamental shrubs, trees, annuals, and perennials. .
Ingredients are organic, nontoxic and biodegradable. Deer-A-Tak can be applied until day of harvest.

Mycortabs Fertilizer Tablets consist of a fertilize component of 10-8-8 NPK and Beneficial soil microbes that help a plant to develop a great root system. (20 Species Endo/Ectomycorrhizal + 10 species of beneficial bacteria to promote root growth and nutrient uptake). The Mycortabs Fertilizer Tablets are, also, part of our 2 step system for deer control.

Mycortabs gives the plant the ability to take up beneficial nutrients in the soil, use less water, along with better uptake of fertilize. So you get a 50% reduction in both fertilization and 50% reduction in watering ratesOne tab per plant, placed 2 inches below the soil, lasts a full growing season in Annuals/Perennials or 2 years in ornamental evergreens. 

Mycrotabs are restricted from use on food, fruit or any feed crops.

Try Deer-A-Tak for your deer control problems.