American Pillar Arborvitae

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Full Speed A Hedge® 'American Pillar' Arborvitae - Fast Growing Privacy Hedge - 

The Full Speed a Hedge® American Pillar Arborvitae is finally a truly fast growing arborvitae. Imagine easily planting a 1 to 2 foot tall plant and after the first year planted, it begins growing at least 3 feet each year! According to its grower and developer, this variety of the Thuja occidentalis does just that. Space at 2.5 to 3 feet apart for a hedge in just 2 to 3 years.

The narrow and dense growth of this American Arborvitae trees grow up to 4 feet in diameter and about 25 feet tall at full maturity. Highly resistant to wind and ice damage. While it is noted as being disease, insect and deer resistant, we do recommend protecting young trees from deer browsing for the first few years to avoid breakage.

This is the fastest growing privacy hedge evergreen tree that we have seen in years. Before, the Thuja Green Giant was the best, but it grows much taller and wider.

A fast growing Thuja that is the best tree for a privacy hedge for most yards. The narrow growth habit of this fast growing tree is perfect for blocking views to pools, neighbors, patios, decks, unsightly properties and more.

Plant this Native North American evergreen tree Thuja occidentalis in part to full sun where it receives 6 or more hours of light per day. The first year planted, your fast growing privacy hedge will work on establishing a strong root system and then kick off growing the following year. Apply all-purpose fertilizer in spring beginning the second year. At planting, be sure to apply about a 2 inch thick layer of mulch around the base of each plant being certain not to make coverage up to the base of the tree. Leave what we call a doughnut or welled area at the base of each tree where the mulch does not touch the plant. This welled space is used for the first year for watering. During the growing season (typically early May through October) you will want to water the plants heavily once a week - if your area isn't experiencing proper rainfall.

American Arborvitae Plant Care

Best spacing in on 3 foot centers and 2 1/2 feet from fencing or property line.

Dig holes at least 1 foot deep and about 1 1/2 foot in width. Using the soil from the hole, mix in about 1/3 of aged compost mix or aged manure mix to keep the soil from hardening after planting. Plus, the aged mix provides nutrients for the plants without fertilizing.

Place the potted plants where they sit about 2 inches above the soil line. This will help with drainage and the plant will settle over time. Spread more of the aged compost around the base of the plant bringing it up to level with the 2 inches planted above ground. Do not spread the mix or other mulch above the 2 inch level or around the base of the plant (where mulch or mix touches the trunk of the plant in any way. Water thoroughly to remove air pockets and settle the dirt. Make sure the plants are standing straight. With the dirt settling, more mulch/dir/compost may need to be added.

The first year planted, maintain a regular watering schedule. Soak roots only about once a week during the growing season (typically April through September - though can vary with locations) if there is less than 1.5 inches of rainfall during a week's period. That being noted, this plant does not like soggy roots and will need to dry out between watering periods. If in doubt, pull back some of the soil at the base of the plants and stick your hand/fingers down about 3 to 4 inches. If it is dry, water. If it is moist, let it go a few more days.

Fertilizing Arborvitae:

Do not fertilize these plants the first year in their new environment and do not place any fertilize in the hole at the time of planting, especially do not do this in fall. The first spring after they have been in the ground one full growing season, you may apply a fertilize blend that contains nitrogen to help with the growth rate. Visit your local True Value Hardware or Ace Hardware stores for fertilize and follow directions on the label. 

Be mindful of the plants if they have been planted within the lawn area or would be susceptible to lawn runoff as chemicals used for lawn care will affect the plants. not over water and be mindful of placement within the lawn so chemicals are not applied within a 10 to 20 foot space of these plants.

Growing stats have been provided by both the breeder and the growing rights holder. Full Speed A Hedge® ‘American Pillar’ pp#20209


This fast growing American Arborvitae is grown in:

Quart Pot - Approximately 8 to 12 inches tall (shown in individual plant image)

One Gallon Pot - Check our office for availability

Quantity1 - 1011 - 1920 - Unlimited

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