American Sycamore Trees

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American Sycamore TreePlatanus occidentalis, is a fast growing shade tree that is native to the United States

They are also referred to as American SycamoreEastern SycamoreButtonwood and Buttonball Tree. The tall growing sycamore matures in the 75 to 100 foot height range and can reach a trunk diameter of 3 to 8 foot wide. This tree grows at its best along streams, rivers and flood plains where the soil is medium to wet or well-drained in full sun. 

What makes this fast growing tree unique is its brown bark that exfoliates in irregular pieces revealing a creamy white inner bark. Non-showy flowers appear in April that by October have morphed into fruiting balls. 

Sycamore wood is often used for furniture, cabinets, crates and butcher block tops. Centuries ago, Native Americans used Sycamore trunks to hollow out for canoes. Sycamore trees are rapid growing with moderate to long life spans. Due to the fruiting balls, sycamores do not make good choices as street trees.

With it's large size, the Sycamore Tree does best when planted in parks, woodlands, and large landscapes.


American Sycamore Trees are grown in quart size pots. Easy size for transplanting into your landscape and garden settings.

Orders going to AZ and CA will be bare rooted before being prepped for shipping.

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