Black Mondo Grass

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Black Mondo Grass, Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens, is a deer resistant small growing ornamental grass. An evergreen ground cover, the Black Mondo features black to dark purple leaves, with bell-shaped, pale lavender flowers in summer.

New leaves on emerge green, but  soon turn black. An excellent grass for rock gardens and border edging, highlighting of the stunning foliage is best accomplished through contrasting with lighter colored plants, walls and pavers. Good for under planting shady woody plants and lawn edging plants and pathways.

Growing only to 3 - 4 inch clumps with slowly spreading, creeping roots to form a matt of golden foliage. Another surprise of the Black Mondo ornamental grass is its sweetly fragrant foliage that burst into the air when ever it is walked on or brushed against. A grass like plant that thrives in planting Zones 5 - 9. A great container plant when combined with other brightly colored perennials. 

Growing Tips: Black Mondo Grass is a grass-like plant. Evergreen grasses are usually plants that look like grasses but aren't actual grasses. They are generally called grass-like plants. Divide evergreen or neutral grasses and grass-like plants in spring only. Evergreen grasses don't go fully dormant. Dividing plants wounds them to some degree. For evergreen grasses this wounding will affects their ability to live through the winter.


Black Mondo Grassships in 2.5 inch pots - 1 Plant

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