15 Plants That Deer Don't Like!

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Here's our list of 15 plants that deer don't like!

Our last full week of January. Spring is sneaking in on us. There's still winter weather to be had around the country, but Spring IS on it's way.

With plants in your garden and yard being dormant, you may be seeing families of deer wandering through looking for food. If you live in a wooded area or newer development, you're more likely to see deer checking out your plants.

As new developments encroach into their habitat, deer and other wildlife lose more and more of their food supply. So...they go out searching for other food sources.

While you might plant food plants for them on the perimeter of your property, if you don't want them inside your garden or yard areas, look at planting shrubs and perennials that they don't care for.

If deer are hungry, they Will eat anything! Typically, though, they don't like tough foliage (such as nandinas, viburnums, yucca, etc), strong smelling plants/flowers (herbs, butterfly bushes, coneflower, etc), or sweet smelling flowers (peonies, irises, mints, etc).

When adding new plants this spring, keep their habits in mind and plant accordingly. With the deer (in the picture above) eating the daylily petals - daylily flowers are edible to humans so why wouldn't deer like them too. Salad fare!!!

Here's a list of 15 plants that deer don't like:

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15 plants that deer don't like - deer eating flowers