Chandler Strawberry Plants

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Chandler Strawberry Plants

All Bare Root Strawberry Fall orders are scheduled to ship in November

Originating in California, Chandler Strawberry Plants are June Bearing and popular with commercial strawberry growers. The Fragaria Chandler Strawberries are high yielding and have good flavor, making them an excellent choice for pick-your-own strawberry farms

The semi-early season June bearing producer is not winter hardy and, therefore, not recommended for areas north of the Mid-Atlantic region. 

For best production, remove the blooms from your Chandler Strawberry Plants during the first growing season and only allow up to 3 strawberry runners to remain on the plant. 

Also available in pots are Sweet Charlie Strawberry plants.

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For more information on plants, watering, fertilizing and harvesting strawberries, visit the North Carolina State University Extension site.

Below is our one gallon Chandler Strawberry plants that we have been using for propagation.

Chandler Strawberry Plants in one gallon pots


Chandler Strawberry Plants are available as:

  • Plug Size Plants - Available in late June
  • Bare Root Plants - 1 Order Contains 25 Plants - Now Booking for Fall.  Orders are scheduled to ship in late November.
Now Booking for Fall
Quantity1 - 34 - Unlimited

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