Creeping Rosemary

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Creeping Rosemary Plants

Creeping Rosemary or Rosemary prostratus is a creeping rosemary variety has made a name for itself as a container garden rosemary.

An evergreen ground cover, creeping rosemary also looks natural in containers, hanging baskets and easily wraps around circular wire frames to create topiaries. You will find creeping rosemary a tender evergreen perennial with fragrant evergreen foliage and pale blue summer flowers.

Recipe for roasted potatoes with rosemary: Cut up 2 large potatoes and a small onion. Toss with freshly chopped rosemary, sea salt and enough olive oil to heavily coat. Pour into a roasting pan and roast on 400 degrees for approximately 45 to 60 minutes or until potatoes are tender when pierced with a knife. Makes a great accompaniment to chicken dishes or pork dishes or in omelets

Rosemary makes a wonderful facial. Just toss a couple of springs into a bowl of hot water, lean over bowl while covering your head with a towel. Also great remedy to open sinuses

Easy to grow in any sunny, well-drained location. Hardy to 5 degrees. Grows to a height of 2 to 3 feet trailing, space 15 inches apart. Ships in 4 inch pots. This is just the right size for transplanting. 

Because it is winter hardy only to about 20°F, creeping rosemary is generally only grown as a potted plant in areas such as Wisconsin. Plants do best in bright light (full sun) in well-drained soil. The soil should be kept moist, but good drainage is a necessity. Fertilize lightly as excess fertilizer reduces flowering and fragrance. Good air circulation is important to prevent foliar disease. Potted creeping rosemary plants can be moved outside to a sunny location during the summer, but should be brought inside before first frost. 


Creeping Rosemary is growing in 3.5 inch pots - 1 Plant

Plants shipping to CA and AZ addresses may be bare rooted before being prepped for shipping.

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