Elijah Blue Fescue

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Elijah Blue Fescue

The Elijah Blue is one of the most popular low growing ornamental grasses. This festuca small mounded clump of grass gives way to beautifully silver blue foliage when planted in full sun. The Elijah Blue Fescue Ornamental Grass is a colorful planting companion for any landscape setting. 

As with standard fescue grasses for the lawn, this ornamental fescue is a cool weather plant, also. It grows best in spring and fall. During the heat of summer, it may look as though it is stressed or turn brown. That is what it will do to protect itself from the hot weather.  Once cooler temperatures return, it resorts back to its blue to green coloring.

The perfect garden plant, you can plant the Elijah Blue Fescue in mass groupings, along borders, dry stream beds or as an edge for a garden or landscape area. Drought resistant once established. 


Elijah Blue Festuca is available in 2 potted sizes:

3.5 Inch Pot

Quart Pot

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