Golden Forsythia Bushes

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Golden Forsythia Bushes - Yellow Flowering Shrubs

Lynwood Gold Forsythia Shrubs produces bright yellow flowers that add bursts of golden color to late winter or early spring landscapes. A flowering shrub, Yellow Forsythia branches can be cut in midwinter and forced into bloom indoors, making the forsythia one of the earliest of cut flowers. 

Golden Forsythia shrubs, when given enough room to grow without pruning, take on a graceful weeping appearance.

Also, called Lynwood Gold Forsythia, this forsythia makes an excellent informal flowering shrub hedge, and taller varieties can be espaliered or trained into shapes against a wall. They tolerate poor growing conditions and city life well.

Forsythia intermedia spectablis flowering shrubs thrive in zones 5 - 9 in almost any type of soil. They do will in full sun or light shade. For hedges, space plants four to six feet apart.


Golden Forsythia Plants ship as one to two foot bare root plants in quantities of 1 or 5 plants. 

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