Kwanzan Cherry Tree

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Kwanzan Cherry Tree is the showiest of all Japanese cherry blossom trees.

The Kwanzan cherry tree's best feature is its enormous bundles of large double pink blossoms. The blossoms on the Kwanzan flowering cherry lasts longer and eaiser to care for than other flowering cherry trees. Once the flowers begin to fade, the tree is left with beautiful green leaves and bark. The flowers on this tree are unusual due to their large size.

Flowering cherry trees are found in the United States, but are native to Japan. This is one of the Washington basin flowering trees given to the United States by Japan years ago for planting at our nation's capital. This tree blooms in mid to late April. Unlike other ornamental cherry trees the facts are, the leaves of the Kwanzan cherry begin to grow while the tree is still in bloom. It is also the hardiest ornamental cherry tree and its bark is somewhat glossy.

This is one of the many flowering cherry tree varieties seen in bloom during Washington, DC's Cherry Blossom Festival in spring.

Brighten your yard with spring flowering Kwanzan Cherry Trees purchased from our online garden store.



Kwanzan Flowering Cherry Trees are available in 2 sizes:

  • 2.5 inch pot
  • Quart Pot

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