Metamorphosa Japanese Maple

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Metamorphosa® Japanese Maple | Acer palmatum

Finally a shrub form Japanese Maple that offers interesting 3 season colors of foliage. Maturing in the 5 to 13 feet tall with a spread of 3 to 10 feet wide, this moderate to slower growing shrub form Metamorphosa Japanese Maple produces dissected leaves that produce varied variegated colors from spring through fall. 

In spring, the foliage emerges as yellow adding a pink margin soon after. These colors mellow to more white with reddish orange shades for summer. In fall, the colors are bumped up considerably with the leaf morphing to rich orangey red and, finally, deep red violet.

Plant in full sun to partly sunny/shaded areas. This plant does require at least 4 hours of sun daily to thrive. While this shrub form Japanese Maple does not require pruning, light shaping may be done in early spring. Regular pruning may inhibit the growth shape of this plant as it grows. 

The Metamorphosa maple is very adaptable to most soil types. Mixing aged compost into the top part of the soil at the base of this shrub Japanese maple in spring often provides the nutrients the plant needs for good growth.

Metamorphosa® Acer palmatum ''ARJOS1'' USPP 32,420, Can PBRAF


Metamorphosa Japanese Maple is grown in the proven winners quart container. 

Quantity1 - 45 - Unlimited