Iberis Purity Candytuft

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The evergreen foliage of the Iberis sempervirens Purity Candytuft is what will draw you in to planting this garden plant along the edges of your garden and walkways.

But, when it's covered in pure white flowers from April to early July, depending on your location of course, it will win you over.

Plant the Purity Candytuft in masses for the best show of white flowers. 

Iberis sempervirens Purity will grow to approximately 6 to 8 inches tall and spread about a foot. Use this evergreen perennial as a white flowering ground cover or lawn substitute in full to part sun. The mounding compact growth habit is a great choice, also, for growing in containers or nook and cranny fillers.


Iberis semervirens Purity Candytuft is available in 2 sizes:

Pint, and Quart pots


Quantity1 - 1415 - Unlimited

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