Huntington Carpet Rosemary

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Huntington Carpet Rosemary - Creeping Rosemary - 

What’s there not to love about the Rosemary Huntington Carpet? It is a valuable culinary herb that is native to the Mediterranean that has an ornamental appeal and a refreshing fragrance which matches its herbal offerings. Throughout the year, its dark green to gray-green needle-like leaves are potently fragrant from a far and in mid-spring to early summer, small appealing edible flowers of blue appear.

Buy this evergreen Huntington Carpet Rosemary and protect yourself and family from pests! Its unique fragrance is a great tool to use while making pest repellants that are strong enough to completely drive pests away. What’s more, if you prefer the soft, natural scent on your fabric, this remarkable plant does the trick for you

This multipurpose culinary herb features a beautiful carpet of deep blue flowers backed by fragrant foliage to form an attractive trailing rosemary ground cover that can be easily pruned to shape. You can also enjoy it in containers, mixed borders, or as a flavorful culinary seasoning. It is absolutely useful in soil erosion control

Like the Tuscan Blue Rosemary, taking care of Huntington Carpet Rosemary plant is absolutely easy and stress free as it needs minimal maintenance as full sun and well-drained soil creates the perfect environment. It’s a low-growing variety of Rosemary that reaches a foot tall and can spread up to 8 feet wide! You will absolutely love the stunning addition its cascading growth adds to the edges and container gardens

Enjoy this Rosemary Huntington culinary herb that is used in fresh and dried floral arrangements, potpourris, topiaries, wreaths and bath salts. Pinching back the leaves will encourage continual growth throughout the season. It is also a wonderful seasoning for potatoes, lamb, roasted meat and tomato-based sauces. It only takes a little to add amazing flavors! Rosmarinus officinalis 'Huntington Carpet'


Huntington Carpet Rosemary is grown in 2 sizes:

  • Pint Pot
  • Quart Pot

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