Russian Olive Shrubs

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Russian Olive Evergreen Shrubs

Russian Olive Shrubs, or Elaeagnus angustifolia, is an excellent windbreak shrub and wildlife plant. Russian Olive Bushes are extremely tolerant of environmental factors. The best windbreak plant for high wind areas. Pictured are the Russian olive berries

Easily grows into a fast growing hedge by planting 10' apart in rows. Russian Olive has low in water requirements and displays a high tolerance for salt and alkali.

These evergreen plants have long been a favorite shrub planted for wild turkey, deer and other wildlife food sources.

While this evergreen bush may be a controversial plant in some states, it is not banned or considered invasive in all states. We will not ship into states where it is prohibited. At this time, we find Russian Olive plants are prohibited in the following states: NY, CO, CT, MT, NH, IL, NM, WY.


Russian Olive Plants ships as 10 to 18 inch tall bare root seedlings - 1 order contains 5 plants.

Cannot ship to NY, CO, CT, MT, NH, IL, TN, NM, WY

Quantity1 - 56 - Unlimited

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