GSP Black Walnut Trees (25 Trees Per Order)

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Purdue #1 - GSP Black Walnut Trees - 

Purdue #1 Black Walnut trees are genetically superior black walnut trees which are fast growing and straighter than the common black walnut seedlings. The Purdue #1 Black Walnut is one of the most sought after black walnut cultivar seedlings as a nut tree for plantations market. The Purdue Research Foundation of Purdue University developed cultivars from selections made for good form, rapid height, and diameter growth, primarily for faster timber production. The Purdue #1 bears abundant nut crops each year with nuts set on lateral shoots, a rare occurrence in black walnut tree. The only negative features that we have found are some susceptibility to anthracnose and a slightly earlier (than normal) leafing date.

With these fast growing legacy Black Walnut trees anticipate at least planting 200 to 300 plants per acre. Purdue recommends on spacing of 14 x 14 which would come to approximately 225 plants per acre allowing more for mortality and removing of undesirable trees. If pricing is not listed, please contact us for the next availability.

Buy GSP Black Walnut trees to kick start your timber plantation.

Greenwood offers plants from Purdue #1 black walnut trees as container grown plants. These nut tree seedlings are generally available - if not we will schedule your trees for the next crop. Available as quart container grown plants or as inquire about our complete planting package with root dip, 2-year timed-release fertilizer packets and 48-inch tall miracle tube (stakes not included).

Are you looking to plant a timber plantation as a black walnut tree investment for your grandchildren or as a retirement option? Consider a Black Walnut Tree Plantation. Our fast growing Purdue Black Walnut Seedlings will give your project a great start. For anyone considering a black walnut tree plantation, here is a complete management guide from Purdue University: Plantation Management for Black Walnut Trees

Don't forget to order tree tubes for your Black Walnut Seedlings. To help deter deer, mice, rabbits and other wildlife, we recommend the 60 inch tall miracle tubes.


GSP Black Walnut Trees are available 2 ways:

  • Bare Root Seedlings - Sold as one order of 25 plants
  • Quart Pot Grown Plant - 1 Plant  (currently not available)

Walnut plants cannot ship into AZ, CA, TX, AR, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, WV, WI, VA, OK, OH, MN, NE, PA, WY

Can ship into these states with a state ($61 as of 2017) and federal phyto ($106 as of 2017): NE, PA

It is our understanding that walnut trees can ship into any states not listed.

Quantity1 - 45 - 910 - 1920 - Unlimited

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