Nanking Cherry Prunus tomentosa

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Nanking Cherry Shrubs

Nanking Cherry is a fruiting cherry bush that produces edible cherry fruit for both wildlife and human consumption. The fruit of the Prunus tomentosa is commonly used in pies and jellies and is a good choice for wildlife plantings and windbreaks. Nanking shrubs are moderate in longevity, having moderate water requirements, and a low salt & alkali tolerance. Plant 6 to 8 feet apart for hedges or windbreaks.

This cherry bush is a tough flowering shrub that it will even grow under semi-arid conditions and still endure a snowless winter of -40°F. 

Generally, these cherry plants grow about 8 feet tall and equally wide producing grape size fruit between sweet and tart in flavor. 

Thank you to Matt Lavin for the use of this plant image.


Nanking Cherry bushes ship as 10 to 18 inch tall bare root plants - 1 order contains 5 plants

Please Note: We will not ship this plant variety into CA, CO, WA, AZ, OR  due to Department of Agriculture restrictions. 

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