Willow Hybrid Trees

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Hybrid Willow Trees - Fast Growing Trees

Willow Hybrid Trees are commonly used to create quick shade and privacy for your landscape.

These amazingly fast growing trees create tall growing privacy willow type hedges to screen out messy neighbors or as windbreaks. When using specifically as a windbreak, you will want to plant an outside row of evergreen trees to help provide additional protection from gusty winds. Willow Hybrid Trees can, also, be grown as fast growing shade trees. Hybrid Willows make beautiful graceful willow hedges.

The willow tree hedge pictured here shows what happened in only 3 years after planting. These trees are over 15 foot tall at the time of the picture. This fast growing willow hybrid is excellent as part of a windbreak.

The Willow Hybrid Trees are not a weeping willow but a beautiful upright growing willow tree which may mature as tall as 70 feet. As with most fast growing trees, this plant will require supplemental watering until the root system is fully established.

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Willow Hybrid Trees are available as:

  • 1-to-2-foot bare root - 5 plants per order


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