Carolina Allspice Shrubs

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Carolina Allspice Flowering Shrub - Calycanthus floridus -

Has fragrant flowering shrubs leaves are amazingly aromatic when bruised. Commonly called sweet shrub or strawberry bush in reference to the wonderfully fragrant blooms which are typically described as combining hints of pineapple, strawberry and banana. Calycanthus is a dense rounded deciduous shrub with a suckering habit which grows in the 6 to 9 foot tall range with an equal or slightly larger width. It is native to the southeastern United States regions of Virginia to Florida.

Dense, deciduous shrubs, the Allspice plants, make excellent fragrant foundation plants or to plant around patios or porches.

Carolina Allspice Flowering Shrubs feature very fragrant, brown to reddish-brown flowers in May. These unusually colored flowers give way to  brownish, urn-shaped fruit that mature in fall and hold throughout the winter making this plant good for wildlife food. Carolina Allspice has lustrous, dark green foliage that turns gold in fall.

  • Sweetly scented reddish-brown flowers
  • Resistant to disease
  • Resistant to insect damage
  • Native to Southeast US
  • Excellent border shrub
  • Adapts to many soil types
  • Easily transplanted
  • Toxic to cows

Place Carolina Allspice shrubs near front door, patio or other living areas where the fragrant flower aroma may be enjoyed. A truly delightfully fragrant native shrub.


Carolina Allspice ships as 1 to 2 foot tall bare root shrubs.

Plants shipping to CA and AZ addresses are bare root for shipping.

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