Plant Survival Pack

Disclaimer: All images are for reference only and may not represent the sizes of plants shipped.


Our Plant Survival Pack is the best assurance that newly planted trees will live and thrive. But the Plant Survival Pack does much more than just increase survivability. It also enables trees to grow faster and stronger.
Plant Survival Pack includes:  

  • TREE PRO tree protector -- proven by users to be the best in the industry;
  • NUTRIPAK controlled release fertilizer -- places nutrients in the root zone where they're needed most;
  • DIEHARD transplant mix -- beneficial mycorrhizal organisms and biostimulants to make sure roots are strong and healthy;
  • WEED PRO weed mat with staples -- the safest way to kill weeds.


DIEHARD Transplant Mix

Empty packet of the Diehard Transplant Mix into the soil to be used when planting the transplant. Mix well. Plant transplant using the soil. The mycorrhizal blend will help the root system to absorb the nutrients and moisture in the soil.

NUTRI-PAK Controlled-Release Fertilizer

Nutri Pak controlled-release fertilizer is designed to release a controlled amount of NPK into the soil around the tree's roots over time.

Please read instructions on the package itself for complete directions. NutriPak is designed to be placed in the hole as it is. Do not tear open and empty the package contents into the hole. Tiny pores in the package allow the contents to slowly dissolve and seep into the tree's root zone at a controlled rate over a period of several years.

Weed Mat

Weed Pro can be used with or without a protector and you can install it before installing the protector or after. (It's better to install Weed Pro before installing the protector so that it covers the ground inside the protector next to the tree.)

Carefully slide the top of the tree and/or protector through the "X" cut in the center of the weed mat, then lower the mat to the ground. Fold the corners over to double the thickness of the mat for the staples to go through. 

Pound the staples into the ground, at an angle away from the tree, being careful not to bend them. Weed Pro is properly installed when it is taut and flat to the ground. 

Miracle Tube

After planting the tree in accordance with proper tree planting directions, pound or press the stake into the ground at a distance from the tree equal to about one-half the diameter of the protector.

The stake should be on the side of the tree toward the prevailing wind; e.g., if the prevailing wind is from the west, the stake should be on the west side of the tree.

The top of the stake should be several inches higher than the top locktie that secures the protector to the stake.