Tree Pro Tree Shelters

Disclaimer: All images are for reference only and may not represent the sizes of plants shipped.


Tree Shelters protect your your trees while they are still susceptible to animal and mechanical damage. Trees are at their most vulnerable in the first two years of their life. They must fend off deer, rodents and insects... survive drought and extreme temperatures... compete with weeds and other plants for nutrients... and more. Seeing your trees wither and die – or finding they have been eaten by wildlife – is frustrating and expensive. This is the reason for tree shelters.

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Look at the extraordinary benefits that you enjoy when you protect your young trees with our  tree protectors:

* Tree shelters or tree protectors are shipped flat and easily wrap around your saplings in seconds

* Provides 360 degrees of protective armor against hungry deer, rodents and other critters

* Provides protection from severe weather and high winds.

* Increases growth dramatically – up to 600% greater height in the first two years

* Tree protectors promote moisture build-up, creating a ‘miniature greenhouse' for each growing tree

* Fosters the development of straighter, better quality trees, AND increased root development

* Tree shelters are very affordably priced and save you the cost and frustration of dead and destroyed trees

It takes a lot of time, money, and work to plant and care for young seedlings. Tree pro Shelters will make them grow faster, healthier, and better. Protect your investment with Tree-Pro.

Protection of seedlings, no matter where they are planted is a must. Collapsible and reusable. Secure with wooden stake or conduit (not supplied). All shelters are 3.5 inches in diameter and come with full instructions.

(Pictured here is a 28 month old Green Ash tree with average growth of five feet, and a 90% survival rate with the shelters.)

One foot or 12 inch shelters (recommended for evergreen trees like pines or spruce and can be used for shrubs). They last up to five years, and are reusable.

Two foot or 24 inch shelters (recommended for shrubs like lilac, russian olive, or caragana to name a few). They last up to five years, and are reusable.

Four foot or 48 inch shelters (recommended for trees). They last up to five years, and are reusable.

Five foot or 60 inch shelters (recommended for trees). They last up to five years, and are reusable.

One order contains 25 shelters of that size.