Sparrow Proof Bluebird House

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Sparrow Proof Bluebird House

This Bluebird house has an unusual opening that is designed to prevent sparrows from entering. This design was made based on research done at the University of Kentucky, bluebirds prefer the slotted entrance to the circular hole entrances frequently seen. Sparrows, however, don't like the shallow box or the narrow slot opening. 

Place this bluebird house in open woodlands, fields or farmlands with trees for food. Situate in an open area of your garden near food plants such as dogwoods, honeysuckles, hollies, viburnums. The eastern bluebird's breeding season for zone 6 (point of reference) runs from March through July and sometimes on into the late summer season.

Bird house is 10"h x 6"w x 8-1/2"d.