Sweet Charlie Strawberry Plugs

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Buy Strawberry Plant PlugsOne order equal 4 plants

Commercial strawberry farms plant strawberry plant plugs in fall for their spring harvests. Whether you are a pick-your-own strawberry operation or a gardener just wanting a spring crop of strawberries, planting strawberry plugs gives you the same commercial advantage. Plant our strawberry plugs in September and October for sweet, juicy and wonderfully delicious strawberries in spring.

The advantage of planting plugs over bare root strawberry plants is that with their heavy root system there is rarely a plant loss with proper care.

Plant now - Pick Spring when you buy our strawberry plant plugs online!

When ordering plugs keep in mind that one order equals 4 plants

5 orders equals 20 plants


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Also, Chandler Strawberry Plugs for fall shipping (as available).


Strawberry plant plugs vs bare root strawberry plants

Strawberry plant plugs

Bare root strawberry plants

Healthy harvest of berries first year after planting

Takes Two years to harvest berries

container grown, have soil attached to the roots and are easier to adapt to your soil

have no soil on the roots, and take longer to establish to your soil

Planting plugs usually only 1 to 2% loss

Planting bare root usually 15 to 20% losses

Do not have to be planted right away after receiving

Usually have to be planted immediately after receiving.





Sold Out Spring 2024. Available Late Summer/Early Fall 2024

Strawberry Plant Plugs ship as potted plugs in 4-packs - one pack = 4 plant plugs   

2 inch by 1.5 inch wide x 2 inch deep pot

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