Bald Cypress Trees

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Bald Cypress Trees are deciduous conifers of slender pyramidal habit.

The Bald Cypress displays attractive reddish brown fibrous bark. This deciduous cypress tree is typically used as a specimen or in small groves, particularly in wet soil or as a street tree. They make attractive dense screening and windbreak plants. An unusual and interesting tree, often growing over 100 ft. in height.

Broad topped in the wild, but young and middle-aged trees are pyramidal. The tree looks like an evergreen tree but is actually a deciduous tree and drops its leaves in the fall. Foliage is lacy and yellow-green, turning golden brown and then red before falling. Brown fibrous bark similar to that of cedars. Bald Cypress have moderate water requirements, and a moderate tolerance for salt and alkali soils.

A good shade tree in summer and allows full sunlight after leaf fall in winter. No flowers, insignificant fruit. The wood of the bald cypress is fairly durable and has many uses in outdoor construction.

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Bald Cypress Plants are available in 2 sizes:

  • Bare root seedlings - 1 to 2 foot tall (sold in quantities of 5 plants per order) 
  • Quart Pot - SOLD OUT

Orders shipping to AZ and CA may be bare rooted before being prepped for shipping.





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