American Black Elderberry

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Native Black Elderberry Shrubs | Sambucus canadensis

American Elderberry is a native shrub to the eastern part of North America. This fruiting bush grows zones are 3 to 8. The white lemon scented flowers open in June followed by deep purple fruit during late August to September. Do not eat unripe or raw elderberry fruits as they are considered poisonous.

Growing Elderberry

How to grow elderberry is a frequent question. Sambucus canadensis naturally grow in moist (not wet) areas such as woodlands, thickets, streambanks, along river and stream banks as well as in well drained areas such as orchards, yards and small gardens. They prefer soil with high organic matter. If your soil is lacking, be sure to supplement with aged compost at planting time. Space elderberry plants in the 6 to 10 feet range.

Elderberry Plant Care

This plant spreads by root suckers which should be pruned out unless you are naturalizing an area to create a thicket. In late winter to early spring (before the plant begins to leaf out), prune out all branches that are 3 or more years old as these older branches become less productive. As always, prune out any dead, broken, crossing/touching or diseased branches. Early spring is also a good time to apply a thick layer of aged compost that will fertilizer for the growing season.

Mature elderberry shrubs typically yield 12 to 15 pounds of fruit if grown properly. Keep berries cool (refrigerate) after harvesting and process as soon as possible. Sambucus canadensis or elderberry fruit is commonly used to make jams, wine, teas, juice and medically to treat respiratory issues such as colds. 

Elderberry shrubs are excellent additions to any yard or garden setting to attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds as well as other wildlife. 

Plant this native fruiting plant to create shrub borders and screens and in low areas such as stream beds or around ponds.

This black elderberry bush is also available wholesale to nurseries, landscapers and contractors.


American Black Elderberry Plants are grown in 2 sizes:

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