Persimmon Tree

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Persimmon Diospyros virginiana

​Persimmon is a deciduous tree that is native to the Eastern and Midwest regions of the US. While this native fruit tree is usually dioecious, meaning it requires a male and female tree to fruit, some trees have 'perfect flowers' and are able to self pollinate, however most do not and do require a male/female to fruit. To identify male and female persimmon trees, the male produces flower clusters while the female will produce single flowers in spring. 

The small persimmon fruit matures in fall and can hang onto the tree well into winter, which is why this fruiting tree is a favorite with hunters in establishing food plots for deer and turkey. However, the fruit is also used to make jelly, syrup and pies.

Persimmon tree leaves make excellent teas. Being part of the ebony family, the wood is hard and often used in making golf club heads, shoe molds and billiard or pool cue sticks. 

This tree is also grown as an ornamental tree for parks and large lawn areas.

Please note: Most plants require 3 to 5 years to be accurately sexed. Here at Greenwood Nursery, we propagate and grow our plants up to only the second to third year which is not enough to determine the sex of plants. If you are considering planting a persimmon tree in your yard, you may consider Japanese persimmon trees as they are generally self-pollinating. For wildlife plantings, plant 5 or more trees for best chances of fruiting. This plant is pollinated by insects rather than wind, so plant trees within a couple hundred feet of each other.


Persimmon trees are grown and ship in one quart size pots. 

Cannot ship to CA or AZ addresses.

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